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Uneven floors

Licensed Building Practitioners for house foundations.

How we can help?

If the ground has shifted beneath your home or the existing foundations have become old or damaged, then repiling your property may be necessary. Doors and windows that won't shut or bouncy floors are all signs your home may need repiling.

With our established partners we can handle every aspect of the process from:

  • Initial Inspection
  • Council Consents
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Repairs and Replacements
  • Building Relocations

Our professional team have the experience to ensure every project is completed to the highest standards.



Signs that repiling may be needed include:

  • uneven floors or floors that feel bouncy when you walk on them
  • doors and windows that misaligned or no longer shut properly


We organise Building Relocations

New piles and foundations for building relocations.


Before renovating make sure your house is level and on secure piles.

For more minor adjustments, we can use a process called a jack and pack. This is often used if just one part of the house has dropped or only minor repairs need to be done. In these cases we lift the house and pack the piles to re-level them.

Future Proofing
Flood Damage

Raise your house to keep it above flood waters

As recent storms have highlighted, the risk of flooding has increased in some areas.


As every job is different a site inspection is required to understand the scope of the work required. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

We provide architectural custom built modules transportable NZ wide.

Nationwide delivery – Low shipping cost.

Advice for your

From initial site inspection and planning, we have the experience to make the process go smoothly.


Ensuring all work complies with regulations and making sure all work undertaken is fit for purpose.

Resource Consent

Our experienced team are knowledgable on the legal requirements of piling and engineering. We can assist to make the process as streamlined and compliant as possible.

Planning and

To effectively manage site hazards, all team members take a proactive role in all aspects of Site Safety.

Minimal Disruption
To You and
your Family

We work with you to ensure the job is completed when we said it would be.

Once you have council consent to re-pile your house, you may be required to disconnect your services, and you will need to vacate the house while we complete the work. You don’t have to move furniture, unless we need internal access which will be stated in your quote.

House Repiling and Leveling Services
for the top of the South Island

With over 20 years in the building and bricklaying industry and a wealth of experience in all aspects of concrete or timber pile foundation.

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