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How much is it going to cost to re-pile my house?
Every house and its location is different, so we need to undertake a house inspection to determine what needs to be done to re-pile your house. There are many variables and hidden costs, for example the depth of new piles and the clearing of the old existing piles, if you have concrete paths around your house, a concrete chimney or any concrete floors. It is best to contact us for a quote and we'll arrange a site visit.
My house needs repiling, what do I need to do first?
We recommend that you first get a Geotechnical Engineer to assess the ground. A Scala Penetrometer report will provide recommendations for the depth of piles your house requires. We can price your re-piling work with more accuracy if you provide this.
Do I need council consent to re-pile my house?
Yes, for a full house re-pile you will need council consent as it involves restricted building works and the re-pile needs to be in accordance to relevant NZ building regulations.
I want to renovate my house but the floor is not level. Can I renovate first then re-pile my house in 5 years or so?
Complete re-piles are best done before any renovation work begins as the house is disconnected from the piles using hydraulic jacks. Any brick work and chimneys cannot be lifted, so these must be demolished and replaced with a flue. It also provides a great opportunity to install floor insulation while the house is lifted. If your foundations are not level, it can cause problems in the future so it's best to get your house levelled first before you renovate.
If you fully re-pile my house, do I need to move out?
Once you have council consent to re-pile your house, you may be required to disconnect your services, and you will need to vacate the house while we complete the work. You don’t have to move furniture, unless we need internal access which will be stated in your quote. The average re-piling job can take 5 days, this all depends on what is required.
Do you do earthquake strengthening for existing piles and foundations?
If you have earth-quake damaged foundations or you'd like to earthquake strengthen your home or building, our team can re-pile and re-level residential and commercial properties. When installing earthquake strengthened foundations, this is done under the direction of a Civil Engineer. The engineer designs the subfloor and piles and dictates how deep to make the foundations. Once given that precise information, our team executes that plan.

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